Substance Abuse Services

The UNC Asheville Health & Counseling Center is committed to helping you be academically successful, and we recognize that substance use may sometimes get in the way.

We offer confidential assessments for students who have concerns for themselves or others regarding use of alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs.

Students have expressed that it is helpful to talk to a counselor about helping a friend, wanting to reduce or quit using substances (cigarettes, marijuana, etc), wondering about their own drinking habits or patterns, and more.

We have a licensed substance abuse counselor on staff who is available to discuss your concerns and provide you with information, support and resources.

Voluntary Assessments

If you are curious about your own substance use or if you have concern for someone else, please contact the front desk at 828.251.6520 and request a consultation with our substance abuse specialist.

Level II Substance Use Assessments

Level II assessments are a required sanction for students who receive a second citation for code of conduct violation related to alcohol and/or other drugs and are required to meet with a substance abuse counselor for an assessment. We offer these confidential assessments at no charge and can also assist you in finding an off-campus assessment if you prefer.

The purpose of the assessment is to give the student an opportunity to evaluate their choices and actions related to receiving a citation. The student will be asked to identify behavioral changes they want to make and create a plan for change. The counselor will provide the student with information, feedback, and recommendations as appropriate.

The assessment is completed over the course of two sessions that are scheduled three weeks apart.  Prior to the first appointment, the student will complete the Counseling Services general intake form. The student will also complete a brief written exercise and two short questionnaires: Cannabis Use Questionnaire & Problematic Experiences Regarding Alcohol & Drug Use. During the first session the student will be asked to identify a specific behavior they want to change related to alcohol and/or other drugs. Between sessions, the student will have the opportunity to implement a change plan that will be developed with the help of the counselor.

When both sessions are completed, the counselor will provide the student with documentation verifying attendance and completion of the assessment process. The student can then present that document to their judicial contact in Residential Education. Confidentiality is the foundation of counseling. No information about the outcome of the assessment will be shared without signed permission by the student.

To schedule an appointment, call 828.251.6520 or stop by Counseling Services at 118 at W. T. Weaver Blvd. **(Please note that we have a $10 no-show fee for missed substance-use assessments, so make sure to cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance, if you can’t make it).  

Resources for Alcohol and Other Drug Concerns

Refuge Recovery – Asheville
Fridays 7-8:30pm & Sundays 6-7:30pm at Urban Dharma
For more information, please refer to the Refuge Recovery website: Anyone planning on attending a Refuge Recovery meeting is encouraged to first purchase the book, Refuge Recovery: A Buddhist Path to Recovering from Addiction.  You can contact the Asheville Refuge Recovery Group at

Women for Sobriety
​Thursdays at the YWCA from 6:30-8pm.

​CoDependents Anonymous: Sat. 11AM & Wed. 7:00 PM First Congregational Church, 20 Oak Street, Asheville
​Recovery resources
Faces and Voices of Recovery:

Resources for Behavioral Addictions