Sexual Assault

UNC Asheville Couseling Services offers individual and group counseling as well as emergency services. Counseling Services are provided free of charge to all registered UNC Asheville students. Counseling Services is located within the Health & Counseling Center at 118 W.T. Weaver Boulevard. For a counseling appointment or additional information call 828.251.6520. If it is after hours, please contact Bulldog HealthLink at 1-888-267-3675.

For information on reporting, policies, procedures, and more, visit the Title IX website.

Sexual assault is an act of violence. Crimes of violence affect everyone, regardless of gender, and can occur in any relationship whether you are straight, gay, lesbian, transgender, queer or questioning. Survivors of sexual assault may feel a range of emotions - from shock and disbelief to shame and guilt. The variety of emotions experienced by a survivor can be overwhelming and they may not know who they can ask for help. This guide is an effort to give students resources to assist them in their recovery.

Remember, you are a survivor. It took a great deal of courage and personal strength to survive your assault. As you begin or continue the process of recovering, remember that there are people in your community who care about you and can help you and your loved ones.

Healthy sexuality allows us to enjoy and control our sexual and reproductive behavior without guilt, fear or shame.

Wendy Maltz developed the CERTS model for healthy sex. This model requires that the following conditions be met for a person to enjoy healthy & satisfying sex: Consent, Equality, Respect, Trust, and Safety.

CONSENT means you can freely and comfortably choose whether or not to engage in sexual activity. You are able to stop the activity at any time during the sexual contact. It also means that you respect when someone else does not want to engage in a particular activity, for any reason.

EQUALITY means your sense of personal power is on an equal level with your partner. Neither of you dominates the other.

RESPECT means you have positive regard for yourself and for your partner. You feel respected by your partner and you respect them.

TRUST means you trust your partner on both a physical and emotional level. You have mutual acceptance of vulnerability and an ability to respond to it with sensitivity.

SAFETY means you feel secure and safe within the sexual setting. You are comfortable with and assertive about where, when and how the sexual activity takes place. You feel safe from the possibility of harm, such as unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted infection, and physical injury.