Over The Counter Medicine

Your health center now offers several Over the Counter medications for purchase. If symptoms persist or worsen after FOUR days, please call your UNCA Health Center to schedule an appointment.

Download the med list here


Not sure if it's a cold or the flu? check out this great resource! 


Item Same As.... Unit Price
Ace 4in Bandage Wrap $5.00
All day relief Aleve $2.50
Allergy relief - 10mg Zyrtec  $1.50
Anti-dandruff Selenium Shampoo $2.50
Azo Sample Urinary pain relief Free
Banophen - 25mg Benedryl $1.00
BenGay Muscle pain $5.00
Chapstick   $1.50
Ear Wax Removal Ear drops $2.50
Emergen-C Orange or Lime flavor 2/$1.00
Eucerin - 2oz Lotion travel size $5.00
Healthy Lax - 1 packet Miralax $1.50
Honees Cough Suppressant $2.00
Ibuprofen   $1.00
LDR Tussin - 200mg Robitussin $2.75
Nasal Saline Nasal Congestion $2.00
Nat B Chewable Iron Vitamin $6.00
Nat B Probiotic Vitamin $7.00
Pepto-Bismol Anti-diarrheal $1.50
Plan B One Step $20.00
Pregnancy Test   $3.50
Ranitidine - 150mg Zantac $4.00
Ricola cough drop Cherry/Honey flavor $2.00
Terbinafine HCL 1% Antifungal cream $4.50
Thermometer digital w/beeper   $3.00
Tums E-X Package of 3 $1.50
Mapap extra strength Tylenol Extra Strength $1.00
Vitafusion Womens Vitamin $6.00
Zinc w/Vitamin C Upper Respiratory support $2.50