If you are considering contraception, consider reviewing the information on one of the websites below before scheduling your appointment.

Refill instructions for contraceptive pills and Nuvaring obtained through Health Services:

  • Preferred option – Please call our designated refill request line 828.232.2993 to leave a message including your full name, date of birth and the name of the product for which you need refills.
  • FYI for students with school insurance – If you anticipate no change in your product, you may order ahead all the refills you are entitled to receive for the current semester. (5 months’ worth for fall semester; 7 months for spring semester). You may also pick up just one or two packs at a time if you prefer.
  • For students who are paying cash – You may purchase as many packs as you wish up to 12/year.
  • For refills received from a pharmacy – Please leave a message at your pharmacy and they will fax us a refill request.
  • If you want to change products – Please schedule an appointment by calling us at 828.251.6520.

If you prefer, we can write a prescription for 3 months with 3 refills which can be filled at a local pharmacy, many of which have longer hours and stores throughout the southeast where prescriptions can be transferred if needed. Our clinic offers various options for birth control: a variety of oral contraceptives, the Depo-Provera shot, the Nuva Ring, or a form of long-acting reversible contraception, the Nexplanon rod. If you are unsure of which type you would like, please schedule an appointment to discuss your options with one of our providers. If you have private insurance (insurance other than BSBC Student Blue) and are interested in Nexplanon or an IUD, please call MAHEC Newbridge 828.257.4747 and they will gladly schedule an appointment for you.