Health Coaching

In partnership with Health & Wellness Promotion students, we are now offering health coaching to any student of UNC Asheville. 

Health Coaching is a helpful way to begin changing behaviors that will enable you to live a healthy life. Behavior changes starts in the mind and working with a health coach intern, you will be able to identify key practices that will enable you to implement the behaviors that will help you be the healthiest person you know!

Maybe you need help with:

  • strategies to reduce and improve your stress levels
  • learn how to eat healthy in the cafeteria
  • organize your schedule to create more 'fun' time!

If you are interested in meeting with a certified health coach,  contact Kenda Mullert at the Health & Counseling Center. You can email her or call her at 828.258.7717

Students that wish to see a health coach will need to fill out a health coaching form prior to seeing a certified health coach. Students can meet for a single session or set up reoccurring sessions.