COVID Testing

Testing Sites in Asheville Area

*PCR/Molecular test – Nasal swab – results in 2-3 days

*Rapid tests – Nasal swab – results in 15-30 minutes

COVID-19 testing (both the PCR and rapid tests) is available through UNC Asheville’s Health and Counseling Center for students who 1) have a fever or other COVID symptoms, or 2) have a close contact who is positive for COVID-19. Contact us to schedule your test by calling 828.251.6520. Faculty and staff should consult their health care providers for testing.

It is important to call any location in advance to check the availability of rapid tests.

Health Centers

providing PCR tests

123 Hendersonville Road
(828) 257-4730 and press option #1

Appalachian Health Center
providing PCR tests only

225 Patton Ave., Suite 200
(828) 412-5315

Advent Health
providing PCR tests only

436 New, Airport Rd
(828) 650-7282


The Range Urgent Care (2 locations)

providing PCR tests only

Black Mountain Range Urgent Care
201 NC-9
(828) 820-8266

Asheville Range Urgent Care
674 Merrimon Ave
(828) 412-0327


CVS & Walgreens

Not all CVS locations offer COVID testing, see working list below:

Weaverville CVS
Rapid-Result test

121 Monticello Road (NWC)
(828) 645-5802

Asheville CVS
providing PCR tests only

1080 Hendersonville Road
(828) 274-3631

Asheville CVS 
Rapid-Result test

11 River Ridge Drive
(828) 298-6350

Asheville CVS
providing PCR tests only

505 Smokey Park Highway
(828) 667-5457

Asheville CVS
providing PCR tests only

320 New Leicester Highway
(828) 252-2119

Woodfin CVS
providing PCR tests only

471 Weaverville Road
(828) 645-2498

providing PCR tests only

2501 Hendersonville Rd
(800) 925-4733

Mercy Urgent Care

Locations have both PCR and Rapid tests

Weaverville Mercy Urgent Care

61 Weaver Boulevard Suite 106
(828) 210-2121

East Asheville Mercy Urgent Care

1272 Tunnel Road
(828) 210-2121

South Asheville Mercy Urgent Care

1833 Hendersonville Road
(828) 210-2121

West Asheville Mercy Urgent Care

1201 Patton Avenue
(828) 210-2121

FAST MED Urgent Care
Location has both PCR and Rapid tests

160 Hendersonville Rd
(828) 210-2835