Allergy Injections


Dear parent and student:

UNCA Health and Counseling is excited that your student has chosen UNCA as their academic home.

Below you should find the UNCA Allergy Forms to be completed PRIOR to start of the semester.

Students are eligible to receive injections if they are over 18 years of age, UNCA Health has received proper authorizations from their Allergist (Immunology Permission Form), and student remains compliant with Injection Therapy.

1. MD completes Immunology Permission Form and faxes to UNCA Health 828-250-2334

2. STUDENT (not parent) completes the Allergy Injection Contract, fax to 828-250-2334.

3. STUDENT ( not parent) completes Allergy Injection Patient History, fax to 828-250-2334

It is important that students know their own medical history and start the process of learning to manage their health care. Emailed completed  forms are not considered legal and cannot be accepted.

4. When student starts the semester, allergy serum & MD instructions are to be dropped off at UNCA Health and Counseling during clinic hours.

Please note:

  • UNCA does not receive serum via mail as all mail goes to UNCA Central Receiving and is not refrigerated.
  • UNCA nurses will assist students in getting serum refills and planning for times away from school (for example, semester breaks)
  • Appointments for injections are made by calling UNCA Health and Counseling Monday - Friday, 8am - 4:30pm. Students may call 828-250-6529 to schedule an injection appointment. We strive to schedule appointments that do not interfere with your student's class and or athletic schedule.
  • Students under 18 or those choosing not to remain on their Allergist's designated  schedule will be referred to ALLERGY PARTNERS of WNC. This option is often chosen if student prefers evening or weekend injections. (form attached if needed).

Please email questions to both Linda Thompson,RN OR Cheri Miller, RN


Dowload Immunology Permission Form here