ADD/ADHD Health Information

ADD/ADHD medication can be prescribed by a UNC Asheville Health & Counseling Medical Provider under the following circumstances:

  1. Print and sign Medical Release Form. Take signed medical release form to your current physician. Have your medical records faxed to UNC Asheville Health & Counseling at 828.250.2334
  2. Your records MUST BE RECIEVED PRIOR to student recigin a medication prescription.
  3. For more information on UNC Asheville's Health & Counseling policy and student responsibilities click here.

Students can elect to have their home provider continue to write their ADD/ADHD prescriptions but cannot also have UNC Asheville medical providers write prescriptions unless taken the steps above.

Students requesting evaluation for ADD/ADHD medication for the first time will be referred for ADD/ADHD testing and may be referred to a UNC Asheville pyschiatrist for inital medication management.